Two Point Oh

Jeff Dunne

Hammond had no idea that upgrading to the new, artificially-intelligent Alexa 2.0 would result in the device taking over his life, and is forced to answer an important question: how much are you willing to trade for a little convenience?

Video contains adult language.

Presented by special arrangement with Smith Scripts.


Adapted by Louis DiPilla III
This adaptation of the classic Frankenstein finds Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe-Shelly, Mary Godwin (soon to become Shelly), and an aspiring author, Dr. John Polidori, sharing a dreadfully stormy vacation in Switzerland. In order to keep themselves entertained they read horror stories and macabre poetry to themselves by candlelight. To break the monotony, Lord Byron gives all a challenge to write a ghost story better than the ones they had been reading. What happens next sends Mary into a world of death, horror and pain as the group all take a role in telling her story.

God's Trombones

Based on the book "God's Trombones: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse" by James Weldon Johnson

A celebration of the old African American preacher, their 7 classic sermons, and the history of their impact on Black America.

Social Distant Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Using the extraordinary language of Shakespeare we reflect upon the many changes and stressors that we have all experienced over the last few months...

BCF Intern Co. presents
o me! o life!

An Intern Co. original streaming play based on Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass.


Sean Grennan

Dr. Sharon Mercer provides online, laugh out loud marriage counseling sessions for three estranged couples.

Can these quirky characters find their way back into love in this hilarious, written for Zoom play??

Author Sean Grennan (Tin Woman, Making God Laugh) calls it "a short, light play for our long, heavy times."