By Louis DiPilla III

Edgar Allan Poe is celebrated as one of the best writers and literary critics in American history. His poetry and short stories still spawn imitations and adaptations attempting to recreate the eerie and mysterious mixed with deep melancholy that he so deftly created. What if anything in his life experience made him capable of tapping into feelings that still touch readers almost 172 years after his passing? What was the cause of his mysterious death, that to this day is still disputed?

This “ World Premiere” play takes place while Poe was being treated in the Washington College Hospital in Baltimore Maryland where he would die four days later. He is brought into the ward delirious and uncommunicative. In the throes of his illness Poe has a series of flashbacks where he relives events in his life. These events reveal the tragic losses, his creative successes, his troubled upbringing, and the lack of the love he craved during his short life, while giving a glimpse into how these experiences effected the art he left behind.

Some of his works are recited in part and in whole during the production.