Intern Company began life as Footlighters’ theatre education program for high school and college students eleven years ago – and has since taken on its own bold identity as one of the most daring and artistically vital theatre companies in South Jersey!

Students participating in the Intern Company learn about theatre by handling every aspect of mounting a full-scale show: from acting, costuming, make-up and effects, writing inventive new scripts, composing original music, designing and building a set, marketing, publicity and more!

Throughout the program’s 15-year history, members of the Intern Company have tackled challenges such as Shakespeare, musical theatre, period melodrama, tricky horror scenes and more. Some of the sets these students have managed to create are seemingly impossible: including a 279-gallon pool right in the theater! Students have used the tools they learned here at the Intern Co. to become professional actors and directors, and have had this to say:

“Working with the Intern Co. was one of the most enjoyable working experiences I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to do it again.”

“The Intern Co. has taught me so much about theater; things you couldn’t ever get anywhere else. It has opened up my eyes to a whole universe of theater from new aspects.”

“…it was so great to put on a good, entertaining show, and just have fun.
It really reminded me of why I wanted to pursue theatre in the first place.
It’s about doing good work, learning something, sharing something, and having fun.”

“I love our edge! I could have done a musical, but the shows we put on here at Footlighters are incredibly enriching.”

“The people I have met at Intern co. are some of the most innovative and fearless people I have ever met. I love how we can all work together to make something fantastic at the end of the summer!”

“The best place to spend a summer is with the Intern Company at Burlington County Footlighters.”


Intern Company is a rare opportunity for creative students to really engage in their art in a friendly, collaborative setting.
Intern Company is looking to add actors, artists, designers, musicians, and writers for what’s sure to be a thrilling summer.

To get involved, simply e-mail [email protected] The Intern Co. meets 3 nights a week throughout most of the summer,
working toward a final performance in mid-August.

Because Intern Company is designed to work with students between the ages of 15 and 20, we understand and are flexible in dealing with commitments such as college visits, family vacations, etc. Simply submit conflicts to the director at the beginning of the summer.

Under the supervision of Footlighter mentors, Intern

Company students are given the opportunity to spend the summer literally creating their own theatre production, where the students themselves are responsible for set and lighting design, costumes and make-up, acting and stage management, script and music writing and composing, and even publicity and ticket sales.

Director Kevin Esmond enthusiastically explains, “I’m constantly amazed by the Intern Company. Every challenge we give them is met with incredible creativity and a real spirit of adventure and artistry.”

What Students are Saying About the Program:

    • “This program creates fabulous memories while teaching you so much about the theatre industry.’
    • “The Intern Company has me looking forward to summer just so I can be a part of it again and again!”
    • “I’ve learned so much more about theatre than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time!”
    • “The BCF Intern Company is a fantastic program for young people to
      not only participate in theatre over the summer but also meet great people and make amazing friends!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asked!”
    • “This is what theatre is all about: getting a group of creative minds and putting on a show!”
    • “The Intern Company was a great theatre experience and a great chance to act with some new people.  I’m going to be doing it for as long as I can.”