Instructions: Login Setup

This document will walk you through setting up your Footlighters account.   You will be able to use this login, powered by Okta, to get access to all types of web applications hosted and maintained by the theatre.   If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected].

  1. When an administrator sets up a login for you, you will get an e-mail like this:
  1. Click on the green button in the e-mail.
  1. When the link opens, you’ll want to complete the whole registration process, which includes:
    • Setting a password (see the page for the minimum requirements)
    • Setting a forgot password question and answer.
    • Selecting a picture.
  1. When you have completed that page, select “Create Account”
  1. On the next page, select the method that you would like to use for multifactor authentication (MFA).   This is required to setup your account.  MFA is part of all modern authentication systems and better protects your account.   For info on why MFA:

We have three options for MFA a Footlighters, we highly recommend using Google Authenticator as it is the most secure.   The other factors are:

  • Google Authenticator, which displays a number on an app on your phone.   This number changes every few seconds and will need to be entered during login after you enter your password.
  • Okta Verify that works the same way as Google Authenticator
  • SMS Authentication, which sends a text message to your phone with a code you will need to enter in to the site after you login.   This is less secure because the message could be intercepted and the code expires after a much longer period of time.
Tip: All of these types of these additional factors are a type of OTP or One Time Password method. They provide additional layers of security and common password hacks like keyboard logging and password sharing.

  1. On the setup page, click the Setup button of the factor you would like to setup.   Instructions for the factors are contained on the next pages.
  1. When you have completed the setup of one of the factors, click on the Finish button.
Important Notes about MFA
• If you lose or replace your phone, your current MFA setup cannot be recovered and administrators cannot lookup your number. Administrators can however reset your MFA though so that you can set it up again the next time you login
• Once in the BCF Portal (, you will be able to reset your password and/or change your MFA enrolment. Just click on your name in the top right corner and select settings
• You should never ever share your password or the OTP with anyone else.

Google Authenticator

If you select Google Authenticator please follow theses steps.   Note: The Okta Authenticator works the exact same way.

  1. Select which type of phone you are using.   Note: The procedure below is exactly the same on the iPhone or Android.  Select what you have, even if the screen shots have Android below.
  1. Download the application to your phone (using the link or the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and then click on Next
  2. On your phone, click the red “+” button to add a new application and then select scan a code.
  3. Scan the code on the website with your phone.
  1. On the website, select Next
  2. On the next page, enter the 6 digit code from the app and select Verify.
Tip: Make sure you keep an eye on the pie icon on the Google Authenticator app. It will show you how much time is left for that code, make sure you leave enough time to copy down the code before it expires.

Using Code to add site

If you do not have a computer beyond your phone, or don’t have a camera on your phone (I don’t know that still might be a thing…), you can use a code to create the site.   To do this:

  1. Select the “Can’t scan?” link on the QR code page on the site.
  1. In the Google Authenticator app, clicking the “+” icon and then select “Enter a provided key”
  2. Under the account name, enter “ (*user*)” but replace the *user* with your username.
  3. Enter the key from the website under the your key field and select “Add”
  1. From there follow the instructions as if you had entered the QR code.

SMS (Text Message) Factor

For SMS sending, you may have a text message sent to your phone each time you login.   The service is free from our end, but data rates my apply if your carrier charges you for text messages.

  1. On the first screen, update the country if your phone number is not based in the US.
  2. Enter the phone number of your cell phone and click on Send Code.
  1. You should then get a code on your phone via a text message
  2. Enter the code in field that appears and click on Verify.