24 Hour Play Registration

Published by Dave Pallas on

  It’s fast! It’s fun! It’s a great way to spend a winter’s night/day/night! Thanks for jumping into the theatre sandbox with us. If you’ve gone on this journey before, come on back for another. If you’re completely new to the idea, join us this time.
  The basics are pretty simple, and intended for the maximum creative blast in a short period of time. You can sign up as an individual, or grab some of your theatre folks and make a team. Join us at Burlington County Footlighters in the 2nd Stage on Friday, Februray 10th in the evening. If you aren’t part of a team, there’ll be a team waiting for you to join them. Each team will ‘pull out of a hat’ some basic play construction building blocks like the genre, a prop, etc. You and your team have the next 24 hours to create a short play incorporating all of the selected elements and your imaginations. Decide who wants to write, to direct, to perform – all the fun stuff – then you’re on your way! On Saturday February 11th you’ll have time at the theatre to rehearse your masterpiece, then the plays will be performed by an enthusiastic audience starting at 8pm.

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