Electronic Use Policy

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Use of any computer or network owned by the Burlington County Footlighters, herein known as BCF, shall be governed by the following policies. Any person using the BCF systems, herein known as a user, is required to abide by these policies.

  • The user agrees to abide by applicable laws and regulations governing electronic equipment or communications.
  • The user agrees to honor all contracts and customer service agreements with our Internet Service Provider (ISP) when using the Internet or any system on the Internet.
  • Ay device or application installed on the system by BCF shall not be removed from any system without prior approval.
  • Personal use of any system is permitted on a limited basis as long as it does not interfere with theatre operations or business. Working with content that could be offensive to other BCF staff or patrons is prohibited.
  • All BCF officers and staff shall use all necessary safeguards in protecting confidential and proprietary material and information of BCF, including membership records and financial information.
  • All systems will be in full compliance with PCI DSS standards. Annual compliance checks shall be made by the Technology Chairperson
  • Personal computers may be connected to the BCF network provided the proper steps have been taken to ensure the integrity of the network. Use of a personal computer on the network does not grant immunity from any BCF policies.

Failure to comply with this agreement can by punishable by the Officers or Board with penalties up to and including loss of the privilege to use the BCF systems.

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