Auditions for Frost/Nixon
August 13 & 15 7:00 pm

Directed by: Timothy Kirk

Show synopsis: British talk-show host David Frost has become a lowbrow laughingstock. Richard M. Nixon has just resigned the United States presidency in total disgrace over Vietnam and the Watergate scandal. Determined to resurrect his career, Frost risks everything on a series of in-depth interviews in order to extract an apology from Nixon. The cagey Nixon, however, is equally bent on redeeming himself in his nation’s eyes. In the television age, image is king, and both men are desperate to out-talk and upstage each other as the cameras roll. The result is the interview that sealed a president’s legacy. 

Roles: (Roles mark with * are doubled with at least one minor role.)

Manolo Sanchez* (Male, 40s) – L ong-time valet to Richard Nixon, known for his unfailing loyalty and fierce devotion to the former United States president. Originally from Spain. 

Swifty Lazar/Mike Wallace* (Male, 40-60s) – Swifty is an American talent agent and dealmaker. Wallace is a news journalist and prominent interviewer. 

John Birt* (Male, 30s) – British television executive and businessman. A bit stiff and reserved. Must be able to do both a British and American accent. 

Bob Zelnick* (Male, 30s) – American journalist, author and professor of journalism. Gentle, likable, principled and erudite. 

Caroline Cushing* (Female, 30s) – British socialite and Frost’s current romantic interest. Witty, intelligent, with a smile that could light up a room. Must be able to do a British accent. 

Richard Nixon (Male, 60s) – Disgraced 37th President of the United States. 

Jim Reston (Male, 30s) – American author and Frost’s advisor on Watergate. A liberal intellectual, 

David Frost (Male, 30s) – English television host, media personality, journalist, comedian, and writer. Charismatic and charming. Must be able to do a British accent. 

Jack Brennan (Male, 30-40s) – Nixon’s Chief of Staff. Ex-military, still wears uniform, very no nonsense. 

Evonne Goolagong* (Female, 20’s) – Aboriginal Australian tennis star. Must be able to do an Australian accent. 

Performance Dates: October 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 at 8:00 pm

This is a non-paying/non-union production. 
Please do not audition if you are not availble for all performance dates. 

If you have any questions, please contact the director at: [email protected]

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